Zatca phase 2

its for KSA based customers

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    • Onboarding request to submit CSR and obtain Compliance CSID
    • Onboarding request to submit Compliance CSID and request ID and obtain Production CSID
    • Renewal request to submit Compliance CSID and request ID and obtain a new Production CSID
    • Submission of Standard e-invoice and credit note for Clearance
    • Submission of Simplified e-invoice and credit note for Reporting
    • Compliance checks
    • Send multiple invoices to Zatca
    • Send to Zatca on post invoice by optional setting
    • Free Support Till successful Onboarding

    Company Information

    Full Company Name

    Full Company Address: Street, City, State, Zip, Country

    Building Number, Additional Number that both fields should have 4 digits each.

    Identification Number: It is highly recommended to use the commercial registration number as the identification scheme

    VAT number

    Company Currency as (SAR)


    Fill the customers/vendors contact information following the steps below:

    Full Company Name

    Full address including country, state, city, neighborhood, building number, Additional number, zip code, and identification scheme using the company registration number and VAT number

    If the customer is an individual, fill their full name and any additional information as per your CRM needs.

    Make sure to use the selection on the top left to indicate your customer is a company or an individual.

    Zatca Configuraton Tab information

    Assign a serial number, you can choose any unique serial number for your company, invoice type selection field , then OTP can get from fatoora portal

    Simulation our portal blog link

    Fatoora Phases/Waves information Link

    Fatoora Portal Login link

    Fatoora Portal Document link

    Developer portal/sandbox api link

    simulation portal api link

    Live Production api link

    Fatoora Technical Details Document link Detailed Technical Guidelines.pdf

    Security Feature Document link

    Data Dictionary Document link vF.xlsx

    QR Validation app Production link

    Test XML File

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