EGS Onboarding — ZATCA Phase-2 E-Invoicing

AudienceThis blog is intended to explain the ZATCA’s Phase-2 E-Invoicing process to a Taxpayer/EGS user in Saudi Arabia. So, I will address the “Taxpayer” as “you” throughout this blog.

Abbreviations used:

  • EGS: E-Invoice Generation Solution
  • ZATCA: General Authority for Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority
  • CSID: Cryptographic Stamp Identifier
  • CSR: Certificate signing request
  • TIN: Tax Identification Number
  • ICE: E-Invoice Clearance Engine

Overview: With successful ZATCA Phase-1 E-Invoicing rolled out on 4 December 2021, Phase-2 is commencing in waves by January 1, 2022. Phase-2 E-Invoicing is also called the integration phase. The compliant EGS purchased by you in Phase-1 should now be integrated with ZATCA through the Fatoora Portal for reporting/clearance of invoices/notes. The integration process aims to automatically share the tax documents with ZATCA throughout the Financial year. ZATCA has published the detailed integration procedure for Phase-2 which involves several steps that should be completed by the given deadline. ZATCA portal will notify you 6 months prior time for the integration process being completed.

Integration procedure:

  • Onboarding EGS in Fatoora Portal
  • Reporting/Clearance with ZATCA through APIs
  • Renewal/Revocation of the Production CSID

Let’s discuss the Onboarding process in detail:

EGS Onboarding in simple terms is registering your EGS unit(s) on the Fatoora Portal with the TIN and identifier details about the EGS unit. On successful completion of the onboarding process, you’ll receive a production CSID(Cryptographic Stamp Identifier).


  • Taxpayers can onboard a single EGS unit(has invoicing operation in one branch) with the Fatoora Portal with the identifier details of the EGS.
  • Taxpayers(having one TIN) with multiple EGS(having invoicing operations in multiple branches) can onboard multiple EGS units with Fatoora Portal. Here, every EGS unit should be uniquely identifiable with the identifier details the taxpayer provides while onboarding.

Steps for onboarding the EGS unit with the Fatoora Portal:


  • Obtain OTP from the Fatoora Portal
  • Raise CSR request
  • Clear the EGS compliance check by uploading sample invoices/notes
  • Raise production CSID request

For CSR request you need this information required

EGS Serial Number: 

If we get on boarding successful , you can generate qr code for B2B standard invoices, customer will receive print QR code that will be signed from zatca, its status: cleared

the other invoice type simplified you report the data to zatca within 24 hours for B2C invoices , reporting status: reported

as you got CSID, now you have to perform test invoices, then check on button PCSID

after that you can see your device listed on zatca simulation portal

The FSP portal can be accessed via a dedicated tile on the Fatoora portal for taxpayers. It is to be noted that the FSP is not intended for generating actual invoices. Instead, it should be used for testing with dummy or historical data. Hence the response in the FSP shouldn't be considered as an official clearance or reporting of the documents by ZATCA. 

Odoo Database Set-up

Apps to install


Testing our application with zatca odoo side , its important