Odoo 16 inventory barcode app use cases

Client use cases

Odoo enterprise app is very strong while for community you have to use some of thirdparty apps to make things works, let check below

  1. https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/stock_barcodes
  1. https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/16.0/inventory_barcode_scanning
  1. https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/base_gs1_barcode

 ok now we focus on client use cases we are taking odoo enterprise app for that work

barcode has different deocoding, one of the popular decoding is base GS1

Purchase order--> WH IN 

When a customer is purchase items, its receiving picking WH-IN created, during that process when client physically scan those items who going to be part of their ware house location, so in odoo barcode---> operations--> Receiving you need to click on that and it will open relevant app, now you have to scan the items and decoding if needed should be customize or check odoo nomenclature concept.

Our case client want same time inventory done qty update when we scan the product but in odoo default its not like that its after validate.

there is option in app to add manually product as well.

after that you have to validate the process so it will done the stock.picking record. it will update the stock in the system. 

if you want to add manually product in inventory transfer you can add + Add product button to add it.

Sale Order --> WH Out

when we add items in the sale( stockable) sure then when create delivery its create WH out stock picking record

in waiting state, you don't have any item visible in barcode app, when you scan any product its listed in detailed operation Tab and visible in barcode app as well.

if any product  like alternative product you want to add just simple scan it will listed in operations and detailed operations as well, for some product simple you can create back order.

Inventory adjustment 

Inventory adjustment using barcode reader, what is the process, you know inventory adjustment is done to see the difference between qty on hand in the system and real stock difference.

there is option in odoo in inventory adjustment screeen, request a count button 

it will popup the wizard with information, inventory date, user who is going to responsible for count those items in barcode app is only available to that user, unless its user name not remove from the above listview coulmn those product will be load into barcode app.

Those items will be loaded for the person who is responsible for stock count if you looks its shows stock on hand, while other option ? mark is for the real stock count that will be either use to update manually or by barcode app